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Wildcats vs Iowa Preview - Gotta Make it Quick

As some of you know, I'm at Homecoming. I marched in the Homecoming Parade and Thank Heavens, I survived. (Those of you who have never been in a marching band just do not get it regarding marching and playing an instrument - especially a trombone.)

Anyway, I must get up before dawn tomorrow and learn the Halftime routine, plus practice the pre-game where the NUMBALUMS play the fight song and form a block N.

Like I said - if you haven't done it, you don't understand it.

For the Sake of Brevity...

For the sake of brevity, I'm going to assume that the Wildcats will win tomorrow and that Iowa will once again return to their flat state minus the "w". That will mean that for at least the next year I shall spell Iowa the way it should be spelled: Io_a.

The Northwestern Wildcats 35 - The Io_a Hawkeyes 21.

Other Things:

As I mentioned earlier today, I get the whole "Let's use a bird of prey; a raptor as our mascot!" Okay, that's kinda cool (but not as cool as having a Wildcat). But to use a particular part of a bird as a mascot sounds a little - no, a lot - weird. Why the hawk's eyes? Eyes of a hawk implies sharp sense of sight, but hawk eyes just sounds like you are a murderous crazy person who probably needs to "watched" carefully just in case you decide to change the mascot to eagle wings or something equally crazy and vaguely disturbing. Or maybe the cornfields are driving people crazy.

That's the rant for the week.

Go Cats!

PS: Dear Northwestern Wildcats, please just go out and kill the raptor maiming children of the corn, running up the score to the point that the excitement will be if the team can hit triple digits. I brought blood pressure medication just in case, but I am not looking for a CardiaCats moment. Okay? Sincerely, Me.

Go Cats! (Again)


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