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Wildcats Get Help from St. Jude, Reap Cornhuskers

People (from Nebraska) are Proclaiming the End Times

I am not going to claim that I was certain that Northwestern would beat Nebraska. But I can claim that I saw it as a possibility. Looking at last week’s Preview - The Good:

The Good:

The proper purple NU visits the UNL, otherwise known as the wrong Red NU. Nebraska figures that this is a “sure” win and opens a little flat and lackadaisical. The Wildcats get a couple of turnovers and the high powered offense is operating on all cylinders. Nebraska finds out the hard way that Northwestern is having a bad season but is a decent team. By halftime the Cornhuskers feel like they’ve woken to a bad dream as they find themselves down by 7. Coach Pellini is beyond livid.

The second half opens with Nebraska down. Northwestern wisely keeps the pedal floored and praying for more defensive breakdowns…

...And the ball continues to literally bounce NU’s way. It becomes like “basketball on grass,” or whatever turf Nebraska has. The game is widely featured on football clip reviews of the day - especially since the fake red NU gets embarrassed by Northwestern.

Final Score: Wildcats 48 - Cornhuskers 42. Nebraska bloggers take to the Interwebs to proclaim the Apocalypse. Northwestern’s bowl prospects look decidedly better than the 4-5 record would indicate.

I will say that the game played out differently than my best case scenario. I thought that if NU was to emerge victorious it would be a last second pass, Persa to Ebert, to jump ahead with under 0:30 remaining.

Reality was quite a bit different. For one thing, the scores were considerably lower - Real NU 28, Fake NU 25 - showing that the defenses were a bit better than predicted. Where things went a little off track (but in a very excellent way) was the fact that the Wildcats jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. Nebraska never gained a lead. The NU O and D lines dominated the Cornhuskers. Period. And the final score might lead you to believe it was a much closer game than it really was. The Northwestern Wildcats put together the best game this year (and one of the best since the New Age of NU Football (Anno 1995). Northwestern flat out crushed Nebraska’s heart.

From what I understand, some of the Nebraska fans are still trying to drown their sorrows with beer, wine, whiskey, and whatnot. This is a defeat that really screwed up Nebraska’s B1G Title Game chances.

To the credit of Cornhuskers and Nebraskan everywhere, I must compliment them on their hospitality to Wildcat visitors. Everything that I've heard indicates that the hosts were totally classy and very nice. I hope that Northwestern and Evanston will return the favor next year.

Minus losing to the visiting team, that is.

Dear Michigan State Spartans,

You owe us. Enjoy the Legends Division lead for now. We’ll settle up Thanksgiving weekend.

The Northwestern Wildcats

While the Wildcats' bowl chances went up significantly, don’t get overconfident - Northwestern is still two wins from bowl eligibility and really three wins away if they want to be sure. But this 4-5 thing is a ton better than a 3-6 sudden death season.

Go Cats indeed…

A Diversion

And just for a few laughs (which are badly needed right now), one can imagine the negotiations that occurred when Nebraska wanted in the Big Ten…

The Setting: Sometime in Early 2010, in The Secret Big Ten HQ in Chicago…a phone rings.

Rinnnggg! Rinnnggg!

Big Ten: Yes?

Nebraska: We want in. We’ve got to get away from Texas! They’ve gone mad with power!

Big Ten: How did you get this number?

Nebraska: Never mind that...we’ve got to talk. We need to get away from the Big 12 before it implodes into Texas, Oklahoma, North Texas, and North North Texas!

Big Ten: Okay, we’ll meet at our Secret Office…

Nebraska: Cutting off Big Ten...You mean the Secret Submarine base underneath the Deering Library at Northwestern that leads into Lake Michigan?

Big Ten: No!

Nebraska: Where?

Big Ten: We’ll be in touch…

Two weeks later…

Nebraska: Take the blindfold off! You’re scaring me!

Big Ten: We are the Big Ten. We are academics and class. We are willing to negotiate your exit from the Texas 12 into the Big Ten...but there are conditions.

Nebraska: Whatever. We’ll do anything!

Big Ten: Are you sure?

Iowa: I have an idea!

Big Ten and Nebraska: Shut up!

Iowa: …

Big Ten: You must recognize that the real power of the Big Ten is Northwestern University. It’s their call.

Nebraska: Whaaaaat? NU? We're NU!

Northwestern: Not here, you are not! Silence! We are the Real NU. The Purple NU.

Big Ten: Why do you think they get away with the whole “Northwestern: Chicago’s Big Ten Team” thing?

Nebraska: Anything! Just get us away from Texas!

Big Ten: Okay...you get embarrassed by Northwestern in football whenever NU wants to.

Northwestern: ...Whenever NU wants to do so. Don’t end on a preposition - it makes you sound like a state school.

Iowa: We’re off the hook? We’re off the hook!

Northwestern: For one year Iowa.

Iowa: Awww…

Nebraska: What could go wrong? Whatever. We don’t care as long as you never allow Texas in.

Northwestern: ...Allow Texas in the Big Ten. You sound like a state… Nevermind.

Go Cats!

A Final Thought

The horrible news surrounding this year's college athletics grows worse. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the Penn State scandal.


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