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Boston College Preview

But First - Wisconsin, You Are NOT Allowed To Jingle Your Car Keys Before Kick-Offs!

Like every other college football blogger I’m watching football first thing that I can - the Wisconsin vs UNLV game. The first thing I noticed before the first kickoff was the Badger fans jingling their car keys. Really? I wonder who you got that from? (BTW, if you can’t drive stick in a sports car, you can’t drive.) Anyway - don’t do that; it isn’t right...unless you are figuring you can pass along those Wildcat alum Ferrari keys to someone else to park.

In all seriousness, Wisconsin probably has all the points they’ll need to win the game with 8:12 left in the 1st quarter. The Badger lead is 13, as in a 13-zip lead over UNLV.

Go Badgers…

Fast forward a couple of hours and the Badgers run the Rebels out of the stadium, 51 - 17. Congrats Badgers.

Now for the Boston College Eagles Preview!

I don’t have much of a clue.

Just being honest…

But being a well trained scientist I’ve faced such situations before - sometimes when there were highly radioactive and/or toxic materials unexpectedly out there on a table, doing their thing. I use cold logic with a little bit of luck and have survived thus far.

So let’s look at this quickly and scientifically.

Boston College Eagles - seem to be a decent but not great team. They have a level of consistency that Northwestern is still working to achieve. Presnapread.com has them listed as #62 and NU as #35, so we should win. Right? Not so fast - Vegas has Boston College favored by 3 to 7 points (give or take).

But then let’s see...BC’s got injuries and stuff - they’ve lost various critical players.

Then again, Persa is doing some sort of “pimp walk” according to Coach Fitz…

Both of the teams really need the win. Badly.

Let’s just get the scenarios.

The Good:

Since the wheels fell off the bus when Persa went down to injury at the end of the Io_a game, the assumption seems to be that if Persa is back to 90% or better, NU wins a bunch of games in 2011. Let’s go with that...

Persa’s limp disappears when he takes the field and the adrenaline hits his system. While he doesn’t scramble as much as he did in the first 10 games of 2010, he doesn’t have to. He systematically picks apart the BC secondary. The run game has an immediate impact with NU posting a 100+ yard rusher plus another 100 and change on the ground. This is enabled by the O-line, which shows more fire and expertise than at any time during the 2010 season. The defense takes a lot of late 2010 frustration out on the Eagles, stuffing the run and making a couple of picks. The Wildcats set the tone for the 2011 season, shooting down the Eagles. Wildcats 35, Eagles 17 - and it isn’t even as close as the score would indicate. (Added bonus: Colter shows that he’s going to be a very good understudy.)

The Bad:

NU is making some progress, keeping the game tight until about the 3rd quarter when Persa’s wheels fall off, sort of literally. The Achilles injury doesn’t just flair up; it blows up. The sight of him being wheeled off the field (again) shocks the Purple crowd and cheers the home team. Colter takes the field and promptly gets stuffed, hurried, and everything else bad. The defense walks around in a daze. The mojo is gone and NU collapses. The final score is only a 4 point defeat - NU 28, Boston College 32, but the game isn’t as close as the score would indicate. While no one expects NU to lose to Eastern Illinois, that is the only game that looks like a certain W; everything else is in flux. Making a post season appearance in Detroit looks doubtful at best.

The Probable:

Northwestern winds up starting Colter, which gives Boston College some initial momentum. But Northwestern’s defense hangs tougher than expected. While BC scores, they can’t totally put the Wildcats away. Once Colter establishes a rhythm, the momentum slowly changes toward the Wildcats. NU’s run game helps enable dink and dunk passing. Colter airs out a long ball that finds its target, further rocking BC’s defensive confidence. Conditioning makes a huge difference for the Wildcats toward the end of the 4th quarter. With minutes to play, the Wildcats take their first lead and hang on for the win. The Cardiac Cats send another group of fans to the emergency room. Final score: Northwestern 38 - Boston College 35.

I’m going to have to find some blood pressure meds before the game.

Go Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)
NUMBSpiritLeader [at] gmail.com
Twitter: #nuspiritleader.


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