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Army Postmortem

Northwestern Conquered by Army

Northwestern was run over by Army’s ground attack. Looking back to the relevant parts of “The Bad” scenario from the Army preview [original Preview comments within brackets]:

The battle is epic for [about the first half] the whole game. Northwestern finds that Army is the first team this season that whose conditioning is the better of the Wildcats’. [Persa is pressed into tentative service and] Colter isn’t bringing his A-game. [It is not an auspicious start for Persa’s return. Colter doesn’t do any better.] NU struggles to move the ball since Army’s defense against the run is better than NU’s run game.

Meanwhile the Cats’ defense gets run over by the Black Knights. The Wildcat defense gives up [more] 21 [points than the previous games]; it isn’t pretty at all. You can bet that future Wildcat opponents will study the film carefully as the Black Knights lay all of Northwestern’s defensive weaknesses bare.

The Final Score: [Army 38, NU 17… and it could have been far worse.] Army 21 - NU 14. After the game everyone shakes hands and the gentlemen of Northwestern salute the warriors of West Point. Both sides show a lot of class… but Army wins.

The game was wrenching to watch. NU could have won the game with only a couple of minutes left, but literally fell short.

Tweeting it was a contrast in pacing. Army started out slowly and then got even slower as they took command of the game. They didn’t just bleed the clock - they choked, then suffocated it. Tweeting a given Black Knight offensive series gave me time to eat snacks, drink soda, etc.

Northwestern’s offense ran the no-huddle spread throughout the game, even when it was obvious that the defense could use a few minutes to catch their breath. Tweeting a NU offensive series was a frantic exercise often ending in a punt - no time for so much as a sip. Offensively, they would get going here and there but could finish the deal only twice. The Cats’ second touchdown drive took about a minute, then Army went back to methodically shoving a worn out NU D backwards.

It was really hard to watch and harder to tweet.

There’s been a lot of talk on the various causes for the Northwestern loss. The defense didn’t do horribly - Army had the ball for twice as long as Northwestern (about 40 minutes of hard hitting triple-option running). Despite that, the defense gave up only 21 points. The offense was tentative and halting, especially in the passing game. Too often NU would have a 3-and-out or only a very short drive ending in zero points.

Frankly, I think this loss can be chalked up to coaching that didn’t adapt to the radical clock-sucking pace of Army’s offense. I trust that the coaching staff will remember this harsh lesson in clock management and move on.

Looking Ahead...

Northwestern has a bye week than starts Big 10 conference play against Illinois on 1 October. I’ll have a preview sometime before then.

Go Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)
Twitter: #nuspiritleader.


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