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Old News: Wildcats Bombed Back Into The Dark Times By Wisconsin

That’s all right. That’s okay. You’re gonna work for us someday.

Yes, this is late. I hate writing these sorts of columns.

Okay, we all know that NU got killed by Wisconsin 70 - 23. That was nearly two weeks ago. It was like watching something from the Dark Times. I seriously felt flashbacks to an awful time.

Recalling what I called “The Bad” scenario in the preview column:

The Bad: The Bad Karma Badgers add to their future karmic reckoning. Unfortunately, they add a lot of karmic points to their eventual punishment by padding their lead over NU. The Mad City home crowd goes wild. Final score: NU 24 - UW 52. Blood Pressure at end: 142/90.

I didn’t see Wisconsin hanging 70 on Northwestern. But they did. And they could have scored even more than 70 if they had really wanted to. There was very little positive to take away from this game. But there were small rays of hope.

Venric Mark was the brightest point in an otherwise terrible game for the Wildcats. We’ve seen him come close to breaking kick returns with his brilliant speed and deft maneuvers. Against Wisconsin, he finally broke a kickoff for a 94-yard touchdown. And he nearly went the distance on other kicks. 281 all-purpose yards for the day got him Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week as well as Big Ten Freshman Player of the Week. While the rest of the team was having a terrible day, Mark showed that he is something special and a player that will make a difference in the next few years.

The rest of the game was almost like the Dark Times, except for the fact that the offense did put a few points on the board. I’m not going to call out all the miscues, mistakes, and mess-ups. Let’s just say that 7 turnovers by the offense and 70 points yielded by the defense was the worst performance I’ve seen in years by a Wildcat team.

Going out on a better note - Northwestern did achieve bowl eligibility for the 4th straight year and is going to the postseason for the 3rd straight year - a first for NU. The Wildcats achieved a winning season for the 3rd straight year.

And most importantly (‘cause that’s the way we roll at NU) the Wildcats won the 2010 American Football Coaches Association’s Academic Achievement Award by graduating 100% of their student-athlete class for 2003/2004. That means that *every* Wildcat football player for those entry years earned a college degree. Let's keep in mind that a degree from NU counts for a lot more than a degree from most schools. NU is a world-class Tier 1 university that produces world-class experts, scholars, and leaders - people who make a difference in the world. This isn’t NU’s first AFCA Academic Achievement Award - it is their 6th in the past 12 years, and 5th in the past 9. Northwestern isn’t just an academic powerhouse - it is an academic dynasty. NU has picked up other 2010 academic awards as well, including recognition from Lapchick APR/GSR, 32 Academic All-Big Ten awardees, and other laurels. Northwestern makes sure that its players aren’t commodities that are ignored once eligibility is exhausted. NU prepares people for real life success.

“That’s all right. That’s okay. You’re gonna work for us someday,” isn’t a threat. It’s a promise. :-)

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



1 comment:

  1. Words are only words, likely you will be working for a Badger someday considering that there are more CEO's from the UW at Fortune 500 companies than any other school. And you are right it could have been a lot more than 70.

    I am also a NU fan as well if anybody is wondering.