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Wildcats Take The W From Io*a, 21-17

NU Wins Big At Home Against Io*a, But At A Cost

I’ve got to send out a quick review - more will follow.

Northwestern stunned Io*a today: 21 - 17. The Wildcats won like this:

1st Quarter: Northwestern scores on their first possession, marching down the field and making Io*a look slow. End: Wildcats 7 - Ha*keyes 0.

2nd Quarter: Things turn into a back and forth slugfest with Io*a getting 3 before the half: End: Wildcats 7 - Ha*keyes 3.

3rd Quarter: It starts looking grim as Io*a scores on their first two possessions. However, NU hangs on by their fingernails...er...claws. End: Wildcats 7 - Ha*keyes 17.

4th Quarter: The Wildcats claw their way back into the game, keyed by the Defense, which rises up and stops Stanzi...who later throws a critical interception near the NU goal line. Persa and the Offense march about 85 yards for a TD. The D gets a stop and Persa and the Offense march about 97 yards for a TD with less than two minutes left. Persa throws the winning TD as his achilles tendon pops. Io*a tries a desperation drive to try to get 6 with time running out and throws a 4th down incomplete into the heavily defended NU endzone. End of the Game: Wildcats 21 - Ha*keyes 17.

Northwestern is now 7-3 with two games remaining. The win totally assures NU of a bowl game. Now it's all about the positioning.

Go Cats!

The bad news is that Persa, the Matador, is undergoing surgery for a popped achilles tendon. He’s done for this season. But he tossed the winning TD pass before going down in pain.

Evan Watkins will be the NU starting QB for the rest of the season. He’s going to be a very different quarterback, which will make Illinois’ preps harder on some level. There is hope for an 8th win next week.

More later.

Oh Yeah…

The Io*a blogosphere is filled with despair, horror, threats, rumors of dark Wizardry by Northwestern (remember, the Ws are all ours for the next year). Mostly classless and often clueless. I look forward to reading Black Heart Gold Pants for laughs for the next year. Given the incessant obsession and hatred of all things Northwestern, I’m convinced BHGP and the entire state of Io*a has a crush on Northwestern. Or desperately wishes they had gone there. Or both. If you go there, let BHGP know that I sent you.

Get Well Soon Mr. Persa!

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)




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