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Illing With Illinois And Wisconsin Preview

The Wrigley Experiment and Illinois Postmortem

The Wrigley Experiment was a success, but the Wildcats got killed (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Playing college football at Wrigley Field was quite an event - national coverage, the Big Ten making a special rule change so that there was one way traffic on the field to avoid the possibility of receivers being dashed to bits against brick walls, the two benches being on the same side of the field, etc. It was strange. It was a circus. It was a long infomercial for the Wildcats.

Except for the losing part.

That was even worse than The Bad scenario discussed before the game. 48 - 27 Illini over the Wildcats was really horrific.

The way I look at it, there were some good individual performances among the Wildcats, but they did not perform as a cohesive team. The Illini performed better, team-wise. It was the worst loss of the season. The good news is that with 7 wins, the Wildcats are bowl bound for the third year in a row - a program first.

We’re done with the postmortem.

Wisconsin Preview

Wisconsin is the Jerk Team of the Big Ten this year. Two point conversion against a hapless Minnesota. 83 points against Indiana. And “excuses” about the behavior - “the Card told me to do it”… “they were still on the field playing so we had to play”… It has a lot of people talking. And not about how “great” Wisconsin is…

At this point in time, I cannot imagine any team in the Big Ten who wants the Badgers to beat the Wildcats - not even Io*a. Wisconsin is building up a lot of bad karma. So let’s look at The Good, The Bad, and The Probable...

The Good: Wisconsin gets hit with a Karma Tornado. After last week’s shaky performance during the Wrigley Experiment, Evan Watkins steps in and makes a huge turnaround. There is a karmic balance within the Wildcat Offense - both run and pass confuse and confound the Badgers. The Defense stuffs the Badger’s running game and shoots down their passing game. The angry spirits of slain Gophers, Hoosiers, and others channel their cosmic-scale anger through the Wildcats, turning them into a massive Badger-slaying force of nature. The game turns into a rout, especially after one or two of the Badger’s key players go down to injuries. But despite the chance to make a final score in the last minute of the game, Coach Fitz shows a lot of class and simply orders the Offense to take a knee. Final score: Wildcats 38 - Badgers 21. Blood Pressure at end: 152/100.

The Bad: The Bad Karma Badgers add to their future karmic reckoning. Unfortunately, they add a lot of karmic points to their eventual punishment by padding their lead over NU. The Mad City home crowd goes wild. Final score: NU 24 - UW 52. Blood Pressure at end: 142/90.

The Probable: Northwestern’s football team plays up or down to their opponents - in this case they play up to the level of Wisconsin. The Badgers get bloodied early by the Wildcats and the game is very interesting - even after halftime. I’m not going to pick Wisconsin to win in this case because like the Io*a game - Northwestern finds a way to prevail. (Don’t ask me how. Sometimes you have to have faith without proof.) Final score: Northwestern 29 - Wisconsin 28. Blood pressure at end: 182/130, with possible nosebleeds.

Go ‘Cats!

PS: I'll be tweeting the Wisconsin game as "nuspiritleader"; look for the #Northwestern tag.

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



1 comment:

  1. I pick bad Karma Badgers run on our backsides, in the land of the realistic. Always hope though we seem to have their number.