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Michigan State Post-Mortem and Indiana Preview

A Play Away From Victory

The quick version of the game: Northwestern played well for most of the game. They rocketed out to a 17 - 0 lead. The Wildcats held the lead until just over two minutes left in the game. Then they got fooled by a fake field goal. (My opinion - the Wildcats should have seen it coming; it was the same play the Spartans used to defeat Notre Dame earlier this year.) After the 4th down conversion, the Spartans scored with exactly 2:00 left in the game. The Wildcats tried to drive down field but it didn’t go well, especially after MSU intercepted a Persa pass. The Spartans scored again since NU was focused on trying to force a turnover vice tackling. The final score: Northwestern 27 - Michigan State University 35.

The (unhappy) End.

The Good: The run game did a little better than the past several games. The kicking game was consistent.

The Bad: Falling for what seemed to be a pretty obvious fake field goal. Penalties, again. And a fumble on the MSU 1 yard line early in the game.

The Best: The spirit of the student section. It was pretty much filled with people who were on their feet the whole game screaming for the Cats. They cheered the team. They sang along with NUMB as they played Go U Northwestern - and they even knew all the *right* words (e.g. “Hit ‘em hard! Hit ‘em low!). Along with the student section, the football team itself was there cheering on the sidelines and getting the NU faithful fired up throughout the game. It was great. It was something I never saw when I was the Spirit Leader. Go Cats! indeed.

Indiana Preview

Northwestern is determined. NU needs one more win to become bowl eligible. (Personally, I think they need two more wins to be assured of a post season game.)

Indiana is desperate. They need two wins to be bowl eligible; three to make sure. And they have only five games to do it. Two of their remaining five are Iowa and Wisconsin. They figure NU is one of their “easier” opponents. And NU is favored by 3 - 4 points.

I’ve set the scene, now here are The Good, The Bad, and The Probable.

The Good: NU’s offense totally shreds the Hoosier defense. Even the running game gets over 200 yards. The defense keeps the Hoosier air game bottled up. The Cats run wild. The Wildcats 45 - The Hoosiers 21. (Blood Pressure at the end: 140/100 - winning is exciting.)

The Bad: It’s essentially Halloween so we’ll say The Bad is the opposite of The Good. Everything is reversed and upside down. NU 21 - IU 45. (Blood Pressure at the end: 135/100 - losing hurts.)

The Probable: It’s Wildcats versus Hoosiers. Both sides have potent offenses. Both could be better at defense. It becomes a total shootout. However, NU’s defense is better than IU’s defense. The finals score: Northwestern 37 - Indiana 32. (Blood Pressure at the end: 145/105 - I truly hope the Cardiac Cats don't kill me.)

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)




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