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Northwestern Goes Walkabout to Outback Bowl!

Wildcats Versus Tigers - It isn’t the size of the cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the ‘Cats.

The Outback Bowl announced that it will be the Northwestern Wildcats versus the Auburn Tigers on New Years Day. This will be an interesting match-up. I know - I grew up as an Auburn fan before turning into a Wildcat. The Tigers have a great football tradition that rivals that of any team in the nation.

For the Wildcat fans:

Who is Auburn?

Auburn University is located in a town of the same name in south central Alabama. It was founded as “East Alabama Male College,” then became “Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama,” and then became “Alabama Polytechnic Institute” until its name was changed to match the local town in 1960.

Auburn is known as the Tigers. Their tiger mascot is Aubie the Tiger. They have another mascot - a golden eagle; the current one is known as Nova, War Eagle VII. The big cheer from the Auburn Tigers is growl-like "War Eagle!" battle-cry during kickoffs. The fight song is titled "War Eagle!" (Check in Wikipedia for more Auburn traditions.)

It is a state school. In Alabama. (Our SATs are definitely higher. Though to be fair, Auburn has an excellent engineering school among other academic programs. And it has one of the best agricultural schools in the nation.)

Because of its former existence as Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama and its heavy emphasis on agricultural studies, Auburn is often called “Cow College” by the other “religion” in Alabama - the University of Alabama.

And yes, football - both high school and college - is a religion in the state of Alabama. I know that Florida and Texas take their football seriously; they are good. But they don’t have a rival game that typically results in a death count. (That would be the annual grudge match between Auburn University and the University of Alabama - The Iron Bowl.) The state of Alabama has the best football in the country at both the high school and college levels.

I’ll write more about the enemy soon. But let me put this bluntly, Auburn will fight hard - they know that if they lose to NU, they’ll *never* hear the end of it from the Alabama fans. (Yeah, *that* Alabama - the other major team in the state.)

Later: An introduction to Northwestern for Auburn fans.

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)

PS for Auburn fans: NUMB = Northwestern University Marching Band. It's the Greatest Band in the Land! (Don't ever forget it!)



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