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Penn State Is The Past - Iowa Can Be Beaten

Penn State Postmortem - This hurt on several levels. Being ahead at the half, losing Kafka, watching the lead erode, then break… Let’s just move on...

Iowa Dead Ahead - This is a situation much like the Penn State game - the Wildcats have to show up and play 60 minutes - 45 minutes is not sufficient. Many would call this hopeless.

There was a similar situation way back in Wildcat basketball history. Michigan State was #1 in the nation, undefeated. The Wildcats were near the bottom of the Big Ten. MSU had “Magic” Johnson and their fans filled NU’s arena. Before the game even started the Spartan fans chanted “Magic! Magic! Magic!…” It was loud and ugly. Then the game started.

What followed was one of the most incredible games any Wildcat fan has ever seen. It rivaled any of the wins of the magical 1995 Wildcat football season. It was, in fact, a total blowout. By the end of the game, the Wildcat fans were chanting “Tragic!, Tragic!, Tragic!…” The Wildcat margin of victory doesn’t matter - the win was the most important thing.

Sometimes you just have to believe that the stats don’t tell the whole story and that the past does not determine the future. Sometimes being a true fan means suspending cynicism or analysis. I believe that NU can win against Iowa as long as the NU football team believes it can prevail.

The ‘Cats win 24-21. Iowa will be looking ahead to Ohio State - after all, they’ve gotten away with poor play during various parts of the first nine games of the season.

Like I said, bigger upsets have happened. :-)

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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