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One Last Iowa Recap and Illinois Look Ahead

The Last Word on Iowa

I have one last comment about the Iowa win - forget the game.

Just like the Penn State loss, the Iowa win is in the past. It has no bearing on the future. The confidence gained by beating the BCS #4 team could help NU take on a hungry Illini team. Or...overconfidence from beating the BCS #4 team could make the ‘Cats stumble against a peaking Illini team.

Best to forget the Iowa game now.

Illinois Look Ahead

This game is critical to both teams. For Illinois to have any chance of getting to a bowl, they must defeat the Wildcats. Coming close doesn’t cut it - they must win at all costs. They will throw everything they have at NU - for the Illini, there is no tomorrow unless they win.

While the game is not technically “do or die” for the Wildcats, it might as well be. A loss to the Illini will allow all the ‘Cat haters to simply say the previous week was a total fluke. These same people will push for a 6-6 NU team to stay home for the holidays (if NU loses to Wisconsin).

NU really needs a win here. Badly.

On a different note - I’ve been writing for Northwesternmix for over a year. Just before the Northwestern-Illinois game I polled the 5 or 6 people who actually read this column about what should replace the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk. I explained some of the choices I made up. (See http://northwesternmix.com/2008/11/new-nu-ui-rivalry-trophy-my.html for the original poll.) One of the choices was a reproduction of Lincoln’s Stovepipe Hat. Low and behold, someone was watching the poll - the new trophy is “The Land of Lincoln Trophy.” (See http://www.laketheposts.com/2009/11/land-of-lincoln-links.html for a good photo of the new trophy.) It is a bronze reproduction of Lincoln’s stovepipe hat.

So, do I get some sort of royalties or something?

Come on...allow me one delusion. :-)

Back to reality…

NU will win 38-21. The Wildcats will prevail and move to 7-4 going into the final *regular season* game of the year.

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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