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Purdue Recap and Miami (OH) Look Ahead

Purdue Recap - the Wildcats played about 30-something minutes out of a 60 minute game. Fortunately, that was just enough as the defense finally played up to their potential and forced 6 turnovers. The 27-21 win had several positives - NU having the patience and determination to come back from a 18 point deficit, the defense having its best 30-plus minutes of the season, and Demos showing why he should be considered for All-Big Ten.

But frankly, it should never have come to mounting a big comeback and hanging on for the win. The ‘Cats should have won this game by 26 points - not 6. This was sufficient for Purdue - it will likely not be good enough for most of the rest of the season.

A few minutes into the second quarter, someone suggested that I turn off the game since the Boilermakers led 21-3. They saw my obvious frustration and pain as I bled purple out of both ears as the Wildcats seemed doomed. I told them that the Cardiac Cats had been down worse and won. I also pointed out that I was not a fair-weather fan. Thank goodness my optimism was rewarded. But team, when I’m a 100, you’re going to freaking kill me if you do that week-in, week-out.

Miami (OH) Look Ahead - The Wildcats are 18 point favorites against the 0-5 RedHawks. If any game if a “gimme”, this one is it. But NU can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if they play badly. Looking to the future schedule - it just goes uphill from here. A loss would cause critical harm to the Wildcats bowl prospects.

However, NU should win this one and use it as a tune up for the rest of the Big Ten schedule. The defense is finally looking the way we expected from the get-go this season. Kafka is showing a real talent at hitting short passes that gradually eat up yardage and gain points. And Demos is a point kicking machine. I still worry about the line on both sides of the ball, though.

I’m picking NU to win this one easily, 35-10. But please, don’t go into the 4th quarter down 10-0. :-)

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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