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Miami (OH) Win and Michigan State Look Ahead

Miami Recap - the Wildcats played around 45 or so minutes out of a 60 minute game. Considering who they were playing - Miami of Ohio - that was sufficient. What was really important in the 16-6 win over the RedHawks was that the NU defense really flexed some muscle and looked good. The defense looked like the defense we were expecting in 2009. If they continue to play that way and prevent points, things look better for a bowl game.

But...the offense has to put more points on the board - 16 points against the RedHawks was not anywhere near enough. There should have been at least another couple of TDs. Once again, the line has to blast open some lanes...so the running game can open up...so the passing game can continue to build. Does this remind anyone of the fable “For Want of a Nail…”?

But a win is a win, and a 10 point win over a hapless opponent is far better than a 1 point loss.

Michigan State Look Ahead - the ‘Cats are playing at MSU’s Homecoming - a familiar role for the ‘Cats… And in another familiar role, NU is the underdog by 12.

The Wildcats need a win here. 5-2 is a ton better than 4-3 with the Hawkeyes and the Nittany Lions coming up. 5-2 puts the ‘Cats in position to get a bowl game. And let’s be honest ‘Cats fans, NU really needs a 7 win season to get a bowl game. Right, wrong, whatever - the bowl committees aren’t real enthused about the prospects of a 6 & 6 Wildcat team.

So how do the ‘Cats win? Well... like the past few games, the line play is critical. Last week the defense continued the excellent run that started during the second quarter against Purdue. Now they have to bring their offensive brethren along so the running game gets established, so Kafka and Persa get the chance to set up and take their best shots...which will make the passing game even more effective.

Find the nail, win the battle.

I’m picking NU to win this one ugly, 21-18. Anyone with a weak heart should not watch the game.

BTW, I watched an interview with Coach Fitzgerald last week before the MoOH game. It was actually kinda nice to see that he had an “Angry!” mode with respect to how the Wildcats were playing.

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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