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Wildcats Escape From Eagles - Sometimes You’re Lucky

A few days ago I said NU should win against the Eastern Michigan Eagles. And then I gave two scenarios under which they could lose - either they assumed it was a gimme win and played flat (Bad Scenario 1) or played flat, got burned early, and then panicked (Bad Scenario 2). Well, the team came close to BS1. After going up 21-0, the ‘Cats went flat and almost lost the game. 27-24 is way too close for this foe. Thank goodness Demos had some range and accuracy or we’d be asking if there was still a season.

This was nearly a colossal mistake. As it was, it adds ammo to those who want the Wildcats to fail. (And there are plenty of people out there who either expect the team to fail or want it to fail.)

NU can and should do better. But at the end of the season, a win is a win.

This needlessly close win brings up another issue. Fifteen years (1994) ago I would have been psyched about the Cats winning their second game in a row. I would not have cared how close or who the teams were. While the Wildcats are not consistently a football dynasty (yet), the dynamic has changed radically. We the fans expect victory now. Real victories - not “moral” ones like beating the point spread against Michigan. Congratulations to Coaches Barnett, Walker, and Fitzgerald for making a positive change to NU’s football fortunes.

And speaking of positive influences, read Skip Myslenski’s article on how the NU football program prepares players for life and success beyond the weight-room. Not just football, football, and more football, only to be relegated to life in the discard pile if you are among the 99% who don’t make it into the NFL. It’s nice to know that NU emphasizes the “student” in student/athlete.

BTW, you may recall that I said that NUMB was worth a home field advantage (3 points, typically) all on its own. NU won by 3 points. Coincidence? :-)

A look at the Syracuse Orangemen next.

Go ‘Cats!

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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