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Look Ahead to the Towson Game

Northwestern is facing a challenge versus the Towson University Tigers. Yes, the Div-1-AA FCS Towson Tigers.

Okay, let me explain before you think I’m being pessimistic or melodramatic. Or stupid.

I’m so Big Ten (Northwestern University Wildcats) Football starved that I’m watching Indiana versus Eastern Kentucky University on a Thursday night. This is the IU that beat Northwestern last year 21-19, resulting in NU losing a step in the bowl 2008 match-ups. In the span of a few plays, IU got burned by the EKU Colonels for a long TD and then an interception. With 4 ½ minutes in the 1st quarter, it’s IU 9, EKU 7. Looking at last year’s EKU schedule, they were a pretty decent FCS team that made it into the playoffs.

Stay with me, I’m taking this somewhere…

IU is leading and may win this game. They might lose it too - they aren’t dominating EKU and the Colonels want this badly. The Hoosiers may be thinking about next week’s opponent - Western Michigan. Yeah, on paper IU should win this one. But if they don’t get their heads out of whatever and into the game, the Big Ten will lose another one against a FCS opponent. (And get the whole league laughed at by my SEC friends.)

The Cats should beat the Tigers (who went 3-9 last year, btw). I’ve seen one pundit claim the score will be 56-0. It should be a (relatively) easy win. But if NU loses focus on the game at hand, they could get surprised. Northwestern cannot take anything for granted at this point.

I will say the defense is solid enough to shutout the Tigers. I do not think that NU will score over 50 points against Towson, especially if the Cats are killing them. Why? NU has more class than to run up the score against a hapless opponent. They also have more brains than to keep the first team in when the game is already won - that’s how you lose key starters for the season. (Are you listening Florida?)

As I said, I’m not going to guess a win/loss total right now. We all know this team has potential, especially if the offense gets on track quickly. Let’s see how the Wildcats employ that potential before we start buying tickets for “Some Place Warm on New Year’s Day.”

Go ‘Cats!

PS: I can tell you the “local” Towson University fans are pumped and excited about playing Northwestern. So is their team. It’s a little surreal reading the Baltimore Sun talking up Towson versus NU the way the Trib used to have to talk up NU versus Michigan. It’s a little weird being Goliath and the *other* guys being David.

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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