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Look Ahead to Eastern Michigan Eagles

NU should win. (I’m not going out on a limb with that one, am I?)

Note that I said “should.” That implies that there is a chance they could lose. How could this sort of calamity strike?

  • Bad Scenario 1: The Wildcats assume this is a “gimme” win and look ahead to the Syracuse game or even their Big Ten opener versus Minnesota.
  • Bad Scenario 2: The Wildcats come out flat, get burned early for a couple of touchdowns, and panic sets in.

So how do the Wildcats avoid the upset? Coaching. Coach Fitz and Company have to pace their players, keep them from getting cocky (BS 1) or psyched out if they fall behind initially (BS 2). I think the coaches at NU have matured enough to avoid these sorts of gross mental errors.

Anyway I’m predicting more people in the stands and the NUMB Factor* will help contribute to the team being more lively and getting the job done by the score of 42 - 10. And once again I believe that the margin will be only 32 because NU will show some class and not try to embarrass an honorable foe.

Looking ahead (I’m allowed, even if I think it is a bad idea for the ‘Cats) I don’t see any game currently that I would call “certain death” - not even Penn State. The Wildcats should be competitive in every game, especially if the defense plays up to their potential. If the ‘Cats can focus on the game at hand each week (and avoid embarrassing losses like last year’s loss to Indiana), they could (I’m not saying should in this case) run the table. 10-2 is a bit more probable and entirely possible. But whether or not it is 7-5 or 12-0 at the end of the regular season, winning a bowl game is a must this year. Doesn’t matter which one, so long as there’s a “W” at the end.

* The NUMB Factor: The Northwestern University Marching Band (NUMB) can put up some noise all on their own even if the rest of the home crowd is anemic. They can be counted upon to cheer loudly even if the Wildcats are behind by 40. This group of fanatics is a home field advantage all to themselves.

Go ‘Cats!

PS: Iowa and Michigan getting some votes in the AP Poll while NU got zero is just stupid. Hey AP Poll! - pay attention to facts, not hype (Iowa) or wishful thinking that these are “the Good ‘Ole Days” (Michigan).

BJ Mitchell (Former NUMB Spirit Leader)



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