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Northwestern vs Missouri Game Blog - Alamo Bowl

Northwestern is 12 ½ point underdogs in the football game. Missouri is 125 point underdogs in SATs. :-)
1st Quarter:
A quick pick by NU and then a short duration drive by puts the Wildcats ahead 7-0.
NU just dodged a bullet - Missouri recovered a fumble at the end of a long NU run, but they started the play offside. The offense is being patient and picking up first downs.
End: NU-7, MO-0
2nd Quarter:
Missouri put together a drive, but NU’s defense stiffened in time to prevent a touchdown. MO settles for a field goal.
NU grinds out a long drive but can’t quite get the ball in the end zone. NU gets a field goal.
At this point, NU is looking more settled and confident. If it wasn’t for Missouri’s Witherspoon, NU would probably have at least one more score.
Wooten is making his presence felt. I can hardly wait to MO to start going toward Mims.
Sutton’s return is a game changer thus far. Bacher is looking good and making good decisions. I also like how aggressive the Wildcats are on both sides of the ball.
Late in the 2nd Quarter and Mizzou is looking winded.
Blast! NU makes a mistake and MO scores on a punt return with a minute left. NU has had a bit of a problem finishing out the first half without making some sort of mistake in the final seconds. On the other hand, NU is *really* good at finishing out games in the last moments.
End of Second Quarter: NU-10, MO-10.
Is it my imagination, but are the ESPN announcers coming across as pro-MO?
3rd Quarter:
Everyone’s starting even: 10-10 might as well be 0-0.
NU strikes deep after the kickoff and gets six.
Missouri is starting to look a little more poised. They grind it out downfield for 7. The missed NU PAT is looking pretty big right now.
Gave up on ESPN’s play by play; if I wanted to listen to the Missouri Football network I’d tune them in over the Internet. And speaking of which, I switch to WGNRadio.com to listen to the kind of partisanship I prefer. So now I’m watching ESPN-HD and listening to WGNRadio.com. I can live with the delay between sight and sound.
MO-17, NU-16. And NU holds on the return. Now a pass drop. And an interception into NU territory. NU needs to settle down.
A good performance by the defense limits Missouri to 3. MO-20, NU-16.
NU makes a clutch interception - the 3rd of the night. Bacher cashes it in right quick and Lane makes a pro-league catch at the back of the end zone and takes the lead back. NU-23, MO-20.
End of 3rd Quarter: NU-23, MO-20.
4th Quarter:
NU has performed extremely well in the 4th Quarter. They’re going in with the lead and the momentum. If they can force another Missouri mistake and make none of their own, NU has a great chance to become one of the teams against which all others will be compared.
Back and forth… The NU defense is doing *really* well. The offense is showing a lot of poise, especially pinned down deep in their own territory.
Okay, a couple of holding calls, but they do manage to get enough space to punt. NU plays it safe, sacrificing distance on the punt to make sure they don’t get burned again on a return.
Wooten goes down...not good. But the defense stops Mizzou and they settle for 3.
NU’s ball with 2:49 to go. 3 and out. Defense must keep MO out of field goal range.
Geez…*another* penalty on NU?
It all comes down to MO trying to kick a field goal. Predictably, the kicker gets iced...and he misses!
End of 4th Quarter: NU-23, MO-23.
First Overtime:
Missouri has to figure they are screwed now. The Wildcats are 8-1 in OT and don’t fold under pressure. The ‘Cats look pumped; the Tigers don’t look as happy.
MO goes first and gets a TD. MO-30, NU-23. NU must match it.
4th and goal ‘Cats. From the 32.
And the Tigers successfully defend.
End of Game:
MO-30, NU-23.
A loss...but the Tigers know they’ve been in a fight.
More later. Very disappointing...but NU should be very proud of their performance and their season.
Former NUMBSpiritLeader
Northwestern Wildcats Blog


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